Paramjit aka Pammi aka Doggie aka Parmeetay has bigger problems than his pet names. With competing expectations from his family, boss and girlfriend and an affinity for a weed and whiskey fuelled night Pammi is left with very little time.

The story of two Bharat Natyam dancers contrasted with that of their daughter, revelation of their dark family secrets and conflicts between generations.

The story of a lawyer couple who end up arguing on opposite sides of a criminal trial, blurring their personal and professional lives.

The play captures the essence of people living in Mumbai through seven characters who have been strung together in a series of monologues.

The story of a middle-aged woman caught in her destiny and circumstances, who tries to find fulfilment in relationships outside her marriage.

A young candidate turns up for a job interview only to realize that this wasn't the typical question and answer round he had imagined.


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Where There is a Will
Where There is a Will
Where There's a Will tells the story of a rich, autocratic businessman who tries to control his family even after his death, through a will that he has made
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The story revolves around the protagonist, Paramjit Duggal and the focus is on the 3 days of his life. It tries to portray the pressures that a young professional deals with in his home, office and relationships and the profound understanding he receives after his death.
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Black With Equal
Black With Equal
The play starts with an annual general meeting of a housing society where the mask of civility is peeled off and the core of bigotry is exposed
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with Nandita das

Cineplay is a cinematic experience inspired by a theatrical production. The film making process is used to convey meaningful stories, in collaboration with the theatre director's vision. A new language of storytelling.


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