Adhir Bhat and Bobby Nagra's

Some Times

Comedy | Drama

1 Hour 22 Minutes

Average Viewer Rating:5
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Paramjit Singh Duggal aka Pammi aka Doggie aka Parmeetay has problems bigger than his pet names. His mother wants grandchildren. His father wants him to join the family business. His boss wants way too much and pays too little. His girlfriend wants love, which is a concept he is not too familiar with. But he has his friends. And top class weed. And an affinity for whiskey. And a night life that would put Batman to shame. And because of all this, he has very little time

cast and credits


Adhaar Khurana, Kashin Shetty, Shikha Talsania, Sarang Sathaye, Karan Pandit, Dilshad Edibam Khurana, Shruti Vyas, Hussain Dalal, Chaitnya Sharma, Adhir Bhat, Abir Abrar, Patrick Graham, Paula McGlynn, Amey Wagh, Siddharth Kumar and Namit Das

Performance, stage direction

Adhaar Khurana

CInePlay Director

Akarsh Khurana


Adhir Bhat & Bobby Nagra


Subodh Maskara


Viraj Sinh Gohil

Creative and Executive Producer

Nikhil Patil


Udit Chandraul

Art Director

Akarsh Khurana

music adapted for cineplay

Anurag Saikia, Rituraj, Nanok and Aditya Narayan.

sound design

Tho Audio Post

Location sound mixer

Zahir Bandukwala

Cineplay Information



video type

Projection Ready (digital)

audio type

Stereo Mix / 5.1 Surround

running time

82 Minutes

digital licence

Chhoti Production Company Pvt. Ltd.

Behind the Scenes

Making of..

Some Times is a contemporary story, that portrays the pressures a young professional deals with in his life, culminating in a profound understanding he achieves, albeit, after his death. Take a look behind the scenes as the cast and crew share their experiences, transforming the play into a CinePlay.


What the fraternity is saying about our CinePlays

"A beautifully crafted, superbly enacted, powerful performance"

Times of India

"Original and witty... a laugh riot... a memorable treat"

The Hindu, Bangalore

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